Asus router firmware — RT-N53


I’ve been using an Asus rt-n16 for a while as my router, but since I’ve been using my laptop more I wanted to get a 5ghz router. Instead of replacing the N16, I thought I’d just set it up as an access point and then I can put it somewhere high and out of the way to get better wifi coverage.  Well, it doesn’t always keep settings, but a second try fixes wireless — but the IP address setting seems to not work at all. Now to get DD-WRT and redo it all for the 4th time!



Update:  flashing the router with newer Asus firmware doesn’t fix this either.  Interesting that Asus’ web site lists:

ASUS RT-N53 Firmware version
The first version of firmware for ASUS RT-N53

And my router came with — older than the first version?!?!?!  The hardware is nice, but the firmware is a bit annoying….

Having a 5Ghz access point has been nice, but it disappears from the network every couple months and it needs a power cycle. It’s a little annoying because it is up on a high shelf I can’t reach, using a POE kit from Amazon. Anyway, Asus has released new firmware — in fact 2 updates 2 weeks apart… So now that it seems they don’t need to fix the fix of the fix, I just updated it and am happy to report that it now lets you actually set your IP address in AP mode! Just be ready for the firmware update to erase all your configuration and you should be good to go.

I’ve had a couple questions about why I haven’t swapped this RT-N53 to DD-WRT. My actual router is an Asus RT-N16 which has more processor and ram and is running DD-WRT “Big”. The DD-WRT site only lists “Asus RT-N53 Firmware: Image for initial flashing”. That’s great, but where’s the actual firmware?? Oh well, since it is just an access point and needs no routing setup, it can stay stock as just a dual-band Access Point….

Why is it that ISPs assume the user is an ID-10-T?

So why is it that everytime my internet service has an issue, and I call tech support that I get treated like an ID-10-T error?

– Well I’m sorry sir.  But can you connect your modem directly to the PC?

Oh so that you can inconvenience me more than being without internet service – I have to rip up my cabling and unplug stuff to make it *less reliable* – this sounds like a good idea.

– No we can’t test this through the router that has been working fine for the last 2 years.

Why?  Because it doesn’t allow you to follow your fault tree?

– I’m sorry sir, but what operating system are you running?

What does that matter?  I’m telling you it won’t login, and won’t connect.

– I’m sorry sir for your troubles but we’ll have to route this to second tier support.


As of now – I’m still waiting for round two of the customer is an ID-10-T.

To be continued…

Round 2:

I call back with my trouble ticket because I hadn’t heard from them. And the response was we tried to call you sir, and no one answered so we closed the trouble ticket…

– What? When?  When did you try to call?

Turns out – they could not have called when they said they did…  They re-open the ticket and finally someone actually does call does a detailed line test from the DSLAM to the modem and says everything is fine – we need to schedule an in home check (they mean home invasion).

So I mention this issue to the IT guy at work – and he says “Sounds like your modem is dead” – try a new one.. So on the way home – I pick up a $40 ADSL2+ modem, and voilá everything connects again.  And 5 times faster download too!!!!

So in conclusion – always trust the IT guy at work – he knows more than tech support because he’s had to figure out how to fix everyone elses screwups.

Firestone…. Idiots….

I’ve been using a local Firestone shop — # 029319 — for around 15 years now.  I had Bridgestone G019’s and they were about worn out.  And I have been getting their lifetime alignment service on each car, so I stopped in and didn’t get much help on finding a new tire…

So I stopped in store #029300 — they had been friendly to my grandmother and I appreciate that.  Turns out the G019’s were discontinued and didn’t have a direct replacement so I had them balance the G019’s and align the car The manager said they would install anything I brought in, and since he was helpful and they did a great job of balancing the tires and aligning the car, I  went ahead and ordered tires and then called back.  Of course he was out and the service advisor wasn’t so helpful….

So Back to #029319  on 12/10 to let them mount the tires.  On the way home I could tell the car was horribly wrong.  Air pressures varied from 30 (low) to 50psi –and a center cap was missing — and lugs overtightened…  (Always check, it isn’t fun to have a flat and discover this!)   Since this is the 3rd center cap they lost on this one car, I went right back up there and complained about it all.  The manager acted like I was crazy at first but said buy a new one and he’d pay me back.  Then I got the car out on the freeway — and found a horrible vibration….

The next weekend (12/17)  I took the car back over to #029300 and they rebalanced the tires. Turns out the vibration is still there, just relatively minor…. Then I went back to #029319  get reimbursed for the center cap and explained how bad it was and I had to go to another store to fix it.  He looked up records, refunded the money, and assured me the problem was “taken care of” and I “won’t ever have that problem again” and to ask for him next time I come in and it will be right.  Great, I think…

A few weeks later, I found myself helping taking apart a Kia to replace a stud that #029319   ruined….  This put me in a great mood, too!  And a co-worker had his lugs way overtightened at yet another Firestone…

I then put new struts and shocks on my Legacy, and went back to #029319   on 2/19/2012.  The manager helped me when I stopped in, but they didn’t bother calling me back to let me know the car was ready.  Instead of the number I gave them, they dug out a cell phone number from about 10 years ago  — and when I finally get the car back it is worse than before…. Great…This was the last straw here…

So maybe I found the 2 bad locations; I’m just a lucky consumer after all.  So lets go try shop #009954.  I walk in and tried to explain I had tires put on at the other store I’ve been using 15 years and took it back and it wasn’t right.  I was hoping they could straighten it out so my whole family could bring their cars there instead of looking for another shop.  I guess I was interrupting their morning coffee or something because they were grumpy.  I get the car back and guess what?  Tire pressures way off — which I found out when the car started to slide on a freeway junction….. So I fixed that; at least the lugs weren’t over tightened.  But the alignment still isn’t right — and I found a nice grease spot on my carpet….

That same day we took the Forester to a local Goodyear shop.  It drives smooth and tracks great!

Why can’t blu-ray players resume playback?

Once upon a time I had a panasonic 5-disc dvd changer — back before there was HDMI and component with progressive scan was the thing.  It even played dvd-audio.  One of the great things was if watching a long movie or a TV series I could switch to a concert disc or CD to have music — but when I went back to the movie or TV disc it would remember where I last was!  And if I left it on pause, it stayed on pause.  Granted leaving a player on pause for 2 days straight may not be the most “green”, at least I could come back and pick up where I left off.

Today I have a 3D blu-ray player that plays netflix and youtube and even has so-called “games”.   It even uses a SD card to download content from bd-live.  So we have all these options for extra low-bitrate content on our high-def players — but they lose a simple resume feature.  And to make it even more insulting, the “green” features these days mean I can’t pause a film to do the dishes and start dinner cooking without it losing my place.  So I come back, spend 5 minutes cycling through chapters or titles looking for which episode I was in, then it is time to go check dinner or the phone rings.  And the cycle starts again…

Is it too much to ask for a simple resume feature? I’ll even give up crappy youtube videos on my HD screen if that helps.  I’ll even throw in weather, stocks, and your crappy ideas of “games”.  Just go back to playing discs and do it right!  Quit dropping features that make its primary function even more useful, and quit adding more low-quality, stupid, and crappy features…