Why can’t blu-ray players resume playback?

Once upon a time I had a panasonic 5-disc dvd changer — back before there was HDMI and component with progressive scan was the thing.  It even played dvd-audio.  One of the great things was if watching a long movie or a TV series I could switch to a concert disc or CD to have music — but when I went back to the movie or TV disc it would remember where I last was!  And if I left it on pause, it stayed on pause.  Granted leaving a player on pause for 2 days straight may not be the most “green”, at least I could come back and pick up where I left off.

Today I have a 3D blu-ray player that plays netflix and youtube and even has so-called “games”.   It even uses a SD card to download content from bd-live.  So we have all these options for extra low-bitrate content on our high-def players — but they lose a simple resume feature.  And to make it even more insulting, the “green” features these days mean I can’t pause a film to do the dishes and start dinner cooking without it losing my place.  So I come back, spend 5 minutes cycling through chapters or titles looking for which episode I was in, then it is time to go check dinner or the phone rings.  And the cycle starts again…

Is it too much to ask for a simple resume feature? I’ll even give up crappy youtube videos on my HD screen if that helps.  I’ll even throw in weather, stocks, and your crappy ideas of “games”.  Just go back to playing discs and do it right!  Quit dropping features that make its primary function even more useful, and quit adding more low-quality, stupid, and crappy features…

One thought on “Why can’t blu-ray players resume playback?

  1. But why would you want more features? More features would cost more? What you want is all the free open source stuff… You shouldn’t actually want features… that would be against nature. It would cost too much.

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