Why is it that ISPs assume the user is an ID-10-T?

So why is it that everytime my internet service has an issue, and I call tech support that I get treated like an ID-10-T error?

– Well I’m sorry sir.  But can you connect your modem directly to the PC?

Oh so that you can inconvenience me more than being without internet service – I have to rip up my cabling and unplug stuff to make it *less reliable* – this sounds like a good idea.

– No we can’t test this through the router that has been working fine for the last 2 years.

Why?  Because it doesn’t allow you to follow your fault tree?

– I’m sorry sir, but what operating system are you running?

What does that matter?  I’m telling you it won’t login, and won’t connect.

– I’m sorry sir for your troubles but we’ll have to route this to second tier support.


As of now – I’m still waiting for round two of the customer is an ID-10-T.

To be continued…

Round 2:

I call back with my trouble ticket because I hadn’t heard from them. And the response was we tried to call you sir, and no one answered so we closed the trouble ticket…

– What? When?  When did you try to call?

Turns out – they could not have called when they said they did…  They re-open the ticket and finally someone actually does call does a detailed line test from the DSLAM to the modem and says everything is fine – we need to schedule an in home check (they mean home invasion).

So I mention this issue to the IT guy at work – and he says “Sounds like your modem is dead” – try a new one.. So on the way home – I pick up a $40 ADSL2+ modem, and voilá everything connects again.  And 5 times faster download too!!!!

So in conclusion – always trust the IT guy at work – he knows more than tech support because he’s had to figure out how to fix everyone elses screwups.

2 thoughts on “Why is it that ISPs assume the user is an ID-10-T?

  1. That’s because the techs you are talking to are minimum wage workers (not real computer techs) following a pre-written script and if they deviate from that script, they will most likely get canned.

  2. I used to handle support for a few small branch offices. I got to where I would just say I need to find out why the “DSL” light isn’t on the modem. I’d avoid computers completely, and say I am only calling about the DSL light. It was silly but it usually made them run a line test and route the ticket…..

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