Apps are for smart-ass phones….

Noone can escape it.  Eventually you will have to listen to a friend rambling about the latest app they found for their smart-ass phone.  It puzzles me why another fart app would even get noticed these days  — and some things just don’t need high definition.

But it seems the world has forgotten an important app: the web browser.  You don’t have to install an app to listen to auto-tuned pop music on Pandora, order a new razor and tooth brush from Amazon, check the dirty laundry being aired on Facebook, or to look for junk on Ebay to refill the empty space from your last garage sale. It’s all available inside a web browser! And you can even bookmark anything you might want to view again later.

So why is it everyone is installing a new app for everything?  This would be unacceptable on a laptop.  Most people are too lazy to install anything on their computer — much less apply security updates.  Yet installing a few dozen apps is no problem for your average smart-ass phone user — even if the apps are useless or hold your interest for half the time it took to download and install it. And countless updates are OK?  I don’t get it…

And this mentality is why we don’t have better mobile sites.  As soon as someone picks up a smart-ass phone, they forget to search the web instead of the app store.  But please, can we go back to using web browsers instead of having separate applications for everything?  I don’t really like the deja vu feeling when it comes from from the days when 28.8 dialup was amazing…





4 thoughts on “Apps are for smart-ass phones….

  1. Apps – short for application.

    Sure they have uses – mostly for causing the most inefficient use of bandwidth and CPU power.
    And everybody loves both of these:
    1. the phone companies can charge you more for all that data bandwidth you are using with that app
    2. the handset manufacturers can sell you a new smart-ass phone because your current one won’t run that new handy dandy app everybody else has.

  2. Oh and I completely forgot – because of the advent of this genious thing called open source – now everyone can make an APP because everyone thinks they are programmers – we are all doomed.

  3. I used to program in C++ back in the day and just attempted Andriod and I must say smartphone programing is a pain in the ass! We should go back to Assembly or maybe even Fortran… (shutter)

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