MySQL Workbench….. Fail….


So I wanted to run a couple simple queries against MySQL data — and the editor doesn’t work???  Turns out it does — you just can’t see it… Notice in the screenshot I have no visible script, yet in the error pane you see that it did run what I typed…. Sometimes I like to think I am good at manipulating data, but I draw the line here: give me my editor back!!!!



One thought on “MySQL Workbench….. Fail….

  1. I had this happen in a bunch of other tools – usually the config.txt or .cfg has saved color = 0 for the user settings in the edit window…
    You need to make sure you don’t use things like EXT2 and JFFS as your RFS for storing config files – you can never tell what’s in the files after the next time your server reboots.

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