Harbor Freight Product Labeling

So, I happened to be at Harbor Freight this last weekend to pick up a couple items to help install the laminate floor I bought for our house. I had to browse the aisles while I was there and happened across this amazing product. Granted, most rechargeable 9v batteries aren’t actually 9v, more like 7.2 or even 8.4 if you are lucky, but 1.2 volts!?!?!? Really!?!?!?

5 thoughts on “Harbor Freight Product Labeling

  1. You know the 200mAh is also really pathetic.
    You can get more power from a lemon and two electrodes – and that’s a green renewable power supply.

  2. The problem with lemons is they go bad too fast. But maybe if you used 7Up? Then again, have you seen the price of drinks at the convenience store? A 9v is probably cheaper…. Oh well, this brings up a more pressing question for Liberator, where’s my “Make 7 UP YOURS!” paint for Forza? 🙂

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