Thermal paste — or mayonnaise???


I’m getting ready to swap the board/processor/ram in my home server and realized I only have Artic Silver from about 10 years ago.  So being the detailed friend, Rev Pizzaguy sent me a nice chart: Thermal Compound Roundup. And it looks using mayonnaise does better or as good as most of the compounds! And for the price of some of these, I could stop in Sams and buy a 5 gallon bucket of mayonnaise, er, heat sink compound. Now I know why the stuff tastes so nasty…..

3 thoughts on “Thermal paste — or mayonnaise???

  1. Mmmm – mayo on fries.

    Maybe I should try the heatsink compound on my burger next time we run out of mayo.

  2. BTW – did you notice that Chocolate creates heat!

    So If you need to make the chip run hotter – add chocolate sauce.

    BTW – also works on the ladies…

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