Turn 10’s VIP status — FAIL

Turn 10 has a “VIP” status you can buy into for Forza Motorsport 4. Like in Forza 3, if you buy the “limited collectors edition”, you get it. But then in case you didn’t get it, they throw it up in the market place later and it costs less than paying the premium for the collectors edition. I pre-ordered my copy so early, back before there was such a thing as “limited collectors edition”, so obviously I was not a VIP. So I thought why not pay 1200 points to get the extras, because it gets me a 400 point discount on this new Porsche pack that comes out today. So I buy 1600 points from Amazon and go download the VIP “status”. Guess what? The VIP discounted download link for the Porsche expansion is broken. So if you play the game enough to have paid for the VIP status or collectors edition and want the expansions, you can pay full price or wait till they get around to fixing it. So Turn 10 didn’t learn anything from screwing around VIP’s from Forza 3, and still screw around the people who actually buy all the additional content… (Yet they spend how much on advertising?)

One thought on “Turn 10’s VIP status — FAIL

  1. Probably some open source piece of code that they have to wait for the community to patch and distribute in the feeds before they can roll out new distos to the servers.

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