Top 10 Reasons I’d hire a SW programmer ahead of Albert Einstein

10.  What good does a theory do me?  I need algorithms and equations.

9.   Albert might have been a wiz at mathematics and physics – but could he do boolean algebra in his head?

8.  Paper notebooks vs. electronic revision control

7.  Chalkboard vs. Smartphone & Tablet

6. Albert doesn’t qualify: doesn’t have a degree in Computer Engineering or Computer Science.

5.  Theories published via Scientific Journal  vs. theories published via Wikipedia.

4.   If you say embedded device programming to Albert Einstein – he’d think you were mumbling about a ring you’d lost in the garden.

3.  There’s an APP for that…  and one of the millions of them will even calculate the theory of relativity – beat that Albert.

2.  Albert may have spoken multiple languages, but SQL, C# and Ada were not among them.

1.  Duh – Albert is dead.