Apple isn’t “green” — and I’m glad

So I was reading how Apple lost its “green” certification — and I started laughing. I truly enjoyed this — and not really because Apple products are largely about the brand/product image to some consumers. Basically a nerd like me sees it as a slap in Apple’s face for making an un-serviceable product. In this case, the “green” problem is you can’t recycle the products reliably because they can’t be disassembled and separated — but I don’t really care about that so much as it shortens the useful life of machines in many cases (which obviously would send them to the landfill even quicker).

If I’m buying a “premium” product like a new Macbook Pro or Macbook Air — why shouldn’t I be able to change the hard drive instead of tossing the whole machine should something go wrong? I’ve changed the hard drives on my last two Mac laptops — one due to failure and one because 80gig just got to where it wasn’t enough room for media — much less dual boot with bootcamp!

So since this is after all, I’d like to congratulate Apple on making an image over their competitors by doing things like being “green”, and then getting slapped around by it for making an un-servicable product. Nice one!

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