Test Drive Unlimited 2: Title Update error


Test Drive Unlimited 2 has been horribly buggy since the launch, and it seems each update adds more bugs!  If you are unlucky enough to get an error saying you need a Title Update to use your game save, here’s how I fixed the error.

Delete and re-download all the addons: mandatory updates, Explorer Pack, Casino, cars/bikes, etc.  Do NOT delete your game save files!  This cleared up the error for me.

Now the strange part is that this has nothing to do with a “Title Update”.  What seems to be the issue is DRM.  The license on the first 2 downloads were before my last xbox died, and I transferred to the new xbox.  However there was no problem until I downloaded the new update — so it seems the mix is a real problem. Re-downloading makes it happy, but it is sad TDU2 is so buggy it doesn’t work with the xbox license transfer…

One other suggestion, while watching that progress bar for all the downloads, go ahead and order Forza Horizon — the real fix for this buggy mess…



2 thoughts on “Test Drive Unlimited 2: Title Update error

  1. Now that you have tried the FH Demo – are you sticking by your recommendation?

    Or should we forget about all else and just get WRC3?

    • I’m mixed on Horizon’s demo. But I did not like Forza 3 or Forza 4 demo — but loved the games. Why, I don’t know…. But yes, personally I’m really looking forward to WRC 3 and don’t care about Horizon right now

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