The Agile Politician

So – if you are at all familiar with SW development, you know there is the classic waterfall development model, and then a bunch of new methods that “cut down on unnecessary clutter” to deliver “faster  and leaner” development.

The most pushed one of these is “Agile” development.

Well – I have been thinking about it and it sounds exactly like what politicians do…

  1. Say alot, maybe even promise some things, deliver nothing especially no documentation
  2. Talk alot, do nothing
  3. Have daily scrums
  4. When pressed on progress – both say that due to the transition of the process the current efficiency has been diminished.
  5. When pressed on why it took longer than before – both say that it’s because of the last guy working on this who screwed it up.
  6. Instead of collaborate – blame.

So – what do you say?  Are as SW Programmers politicians at heart?  Or just those that promote Agile Development?

One thought on “The Agile Politician

  1. Sounds like our development process! Trust me, daily scrum meetings are great, especially when the scrummaster doesn’t even show up on the conference call!

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