Video games need to quit this saving the world crap

Why does every FPS these days have to save the world? Halo 4 (ammo rationing edition) fights through the galaxy — and has to stop to save the earth. Bad Company 1 got it right — lets go rogue and chase gold. That was fun. You run around and attack the enemy without orders — just to take their gold. But Bad Company 2? Nope, lets take the misfits and make them save the world. Again. Yawn.

The real world is full of Idiots (ok, I may resemble that). Sometimes I’ve had a long day. I get tired of hearing about stupid politicians (yes that may be redundant) and even stupider people going nutso over the latest crisis the media is playing up…. So if you can’t make some sort of premise as epic as just chasing gold, or some sort of treasure in a far away galaxy, I think I’d rather just play BF3 multiplayer and burn a tank down with a repair torch — just to spite some random person who is also trying to unwind from the insanity in the real world. The last thing I want is some big dramatic plot to save the stupid world I am trying to escape from…

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