Android + bluetooth + Skype= FAIL

I’ve used Skype for a while, ironically as a text messenger for the most part. Anyway, now that I have a smart-azz phone, I installed Skype (azzdroid version) and thought I would try talking to someone. Hey, this is a phone after all — and I use a SIP client to connect to the phone system at the office — so maybe it should handle voice calls ok. Haha, yeah right…

Bluetooth support is just horrible. First, my older Cardo S800 that I keep laying around (and have used on my POS3 in the past) doesn’t seem to do anything at all. Can click on the bluetooth option all I want, doesn’t matter. I have a Motorola H17 sitting here, which shows a media audio profile in settings, and it works — if turned on after the call is made. And it seems takes a random number of pushes (3-5 usually) to get the audio to kick over.

After all these years, we can watch stream movies to our phones all day long and cannot get the basic voice features down. In fact, bluetooth headsets worked better with my dumb phones if I’m honest. I almost need to get a “dumb” Nokia just so I have something that works great for making phone calls. Then I could use my Azzdroid like, well, a PDA. Oh wait, that’s what I did 10 years ago. Except for the years I had my P800 — which combined the PDA and phone before there was such a term as “smartphone” — and it actually WORKED!!!

UPDATE — Work-a-round!

Special thanks to Rev_Pizzaguy for suggesting the BTHeadSet app. It runs as a service and works around Skype’s problem. Just turn it off soon as you are done with Skype! Sounds like a hack from the old days, but glad it works!

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  1. Same thing with my Plantronics M20, it shows the bluetooth device in Skype, but it just will not shove audio over (or mic) without using the BTHeadset app. I have a new Plantronics M25 headset coming in today, so I’m curious to see if it might work, since it adds in A2DP and upgrades to HSP 1.2 and HFP 1.6 profiles over the M20 version (no A2DP, HSP 1.1, and HFP 1.5).

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