Time for an Open Source Rant


As I have previously stated, parts of Linux and parts of the open source world are ok, they provide some utility.

But I have problems with the gospel that drivels from these paragons of design, telling us it’s the future and the way forward, and they’ve brainwashed too many in the positions of influence so we’re stuck trying to make stuff work with things programmed by someone as their HOBBY.

I work – to deliver on time – to sell product – to make money.  It’s capitalism.  It’s business.
Open source – is at it’s root socialist and maybe even communist.


One thought on “Time for an Open Source Rant

  1. Haha, nice rant. Anyone who is dogmatic about their technology flavor is well, a bit annoying. Never understood why we can’t use a bit of all of it — leverage all the strong points to get work done and out the door. Oh wait, I just remember my username… Ignore that idea….

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