About HyperActivated

Well I'm hyper! Do you really want me to fill this space with something no one will read cause it makes no sense? And NO I do not drink coffee my hyperness is purely natural! I do not drink caffeine either... so where does my energy come from? Hyper people can't answer these questions it takes to much time to explain to a normal person who is not operating at 500% effectiveness like myself so get over it and read something else other than my profile!

Snooping on cell phone texting

So we have night vision goggles to see in the dark… Infrared to see heat… Why aren’t there special glasses to see wireless communication?! Do you ever wonder what wireless signals look like? I mean if a single unencrypted piece of data is floating around is it 0’s and 1’s in the air? I get that sound travels as vibrations that our ears interpret into words we understand but how does wireless data work? If stuff is flying around why can’t we make a machine to see it flying around? How about neon colors for different channels of data? People would no longer need acid if we had these kind of devices!

This is the kind of stuff I think about while driving to and from work.