Pidgin — memory leaks

I’ve been using Pidgin for years and I’m really fed up with the memory leaks.  Ok, it really doesn’t leak, RAM just floods away.  Every couple weeks my computer seems to slow to a crawl and after looking around at RAM usage, guess what’s at the top?  No, it isn’t Firefox being the bloated RAM hog like everyone complains about — Pidgin has managed to eat up 800MB of RAM yet again today… I don’t know if I’m the only one who runs into this stuff, but it isn’t like I chat with that many people over the course of a week….  When Firefox is using 400MB of RAM with plugins and a bunch of tabs running and never closing it, I have no problem considering that is what I use to access the internet these days.  (Which will lead to another rant, the internet isn’t web only!)  But Pidgin, seriously, you guys need to do some serious work… I haven’t even coded a memory leak that bad — and my code isn’t released or used widely!


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