DP/Snapple Greed possibly kills small town

Should corporate greed be an acceptable reason to turn a small town in to a ghost town? The DrPepper/Snapple Group seems to believe that way. The oldest American soda drink has decided to “buy out” its oldest bottling plant in order to save a few dollars. More like, they wanted to start selling the product without having to deal with competition. They could have used their influences to help the town grow, which in turn would have helped their bottom line but instead they decided to kill the only plant that still sold the drink the way it was originally supposed to be enjoyed; with Pure Cane Imperial Sugar and not that high fructose corn syrup crap and everyone is trying to push down our throats! Personally, I am switching to Coca-Cola products and boycotting all DrPooper/Squirtal products. As simple as that may seem to you all, that is like switching to Texas A&M from Univ of Texas (not easily done). I hope that whoever reads this little rant will feel the same and tell DrPooper/Squirtal where they can put their products.